The advantages of plastic packaging materials

Fri Apr 01 17:43:32 CST 2022

  First of all, it has to be said that the biggest characteristic of plastic packaging materials is light weight, good mechanical properties, for many long-distance transportation of goods, can play a role in reducing transport weight, easy to transport. This is glass, metal materials can not be compared.

  Secondly, plastic materials have a very suitable barrier and permeability, you know, in plastic packaging, there are choke packaging. Moisture-proof packaging, water-proof packaging, and all kinds of packaging used to keep fruit fresh. These are plastic packaging to meet the breathing of fresh food and extension of the packaging.

  Thirdly, the optical properties of plastic packaging are very good, because plastic packaging materials can be made transparent, so when it is made into packaging containers, we can see the contents clearly, this indirect way of promotion is very good.

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  Here we have to mention that plastic packaging materials have good hygiene, for those pure polymer resin, plastic packaging can almost be said to be non-toxic, when we want to carry out food packaging, can be assured of its application.